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Lash Extensions 101

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

When it comes to Lash Extensions, look no further than Smitten Kitten Beauty. Never had lash extensions before? Never heard of lash extensions before? Continue reading for some information on what this service offers you and the importance of booking with a knowledgable lash extensions specialist

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Lucious Lashes Await

Lash Extension Etiquette

What are Eyelash Extensions? Lash Extensions are semipermanent lashes that are strategically placed & glued on top of your natural lashes. With proper application and care - your lash extensions will last for the recommended time period described by your Service Provider.

Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes? When lashes are applied by an experienced technician, you can be assured they are following correct application methods and using the best materials. At Smitten Kitten Beauty we use the best products and guide our clients on which lash set is best for their eye shape. We will never advise a client to wear lashes that are too heavy or unshapely for their eye as this can cause issues in the long run.

Can I wear makeup when I show up to my lash extension appointment? NO. You will want to show up to your lash appointment whether it be for a fullset or refill with clean lashes & eyes. That means no top or bottom liner, no mascara, no shadows or lash serums.

Are there different types of Lash Extension sets to choose from?

Yes. Smitten Kitten Beauty offers Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Fullset to our clients. If you are getting a fullset applied for the first time, we will examine your eye size, eye-shape, current natural lash length, and discuss the type of set we would recommend applying to your lashes. We want you to feel glamorous all while maintaining natural lash health.

Check out examples of our work below

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When lashes are applied properly they create a gorgeous classic, hybrid or voluminous look! Our clients stay lashed to perfection.

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